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Experts say that you have got to have a mission for your business so you can keep the BIG picture in mind.

So do we. Here it is.

To make effective and appropriate videos for businesses who wish to increase their social media reach,

Lots of Benefits

For you?

  • You want to use good looking videos
  • You need precise content not waffle
  • You do not want to downgrade the brand with crappy video
  • You want video that works for your exact targeted audience
  • You don’t want a big deal shoot which interferes with business


For us?

  • We could see the need for a specialist youtube/facebook video production company.
  • We wanted to utilise social media to make social media videos.
  • We prefer to work with as many clients as possible or feasible.
  • We like quick productions
  • We enjoy the work




What we do

Our Team

of one


John in Kiribatis

With his audience

John with kids

With his audience
Keen viewers

John in PNG

Keen viewers

Our work

We are creative

This video is about a puddle outside a hotel. Just a puddle.

With leaves. Yet it communicates ideas and feelings.

Reflect on Autumn

Humour Wins

As they say, you’ve got to laugh. It certainly helps when you have a serious message to lighten up. 

 Serious sometimes

When you need to train staff or attempt cultural change or really change people’s perceptions.


Referral from Ben Cowan

Resources for simple video production


Click on any of the subjects to see an Infographic . You can save the item and print it, if you wish.


How to write a Voiceover

How to shoot steady footage

How to use a smartphone for video

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